How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy May 06, 2024

“CONTENT IS KING!” This has been the buzz phrase for a while now. But what does it really mean? And why should small businesses care?

Here are three reasons why content marketing is so important.

  1. IT BUILDS A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Know, like and trust are the pillars around which customers make decisions about who they want to work with. Content marketing creates opportunities to build affinity and give your audience reasons to feel good about you. It connects you to your audience in unique and memorable ways. It demonstrates thought leadership in the topics that matter to your customers.
  2. IT EDUCATES YOUR AUDIENCE ON WHAT YOU OFFER. If your audience doesn’t know how you can solve a problem or relieve a pain point, they won’t think of you when they have a need. Content marketing boosts front-of-mind awareness.
  3. IT CREATES A SENSE OF COMMUNITY AROUND YOUR BRAND. Everyone loves being part of something bigger than themselves. Content marketing helps create communities of like-minded individuals and fosters customers into brand ambassadors. There is no advertising more effective than word-of-mouth.

What does a content marketing strategy look like in practice?

A great content marketing strategy starts with a large form piece of content and then breaks it down to repurpose and maximize its exposure across multiple channels. For example, a printed publication, podcast episode or blog can then be repurposed and broken down into quote graphics for social media, short “info” videos, value-based emails and more.

The initial investment in creating the large form is small when you consider that one piece of content can be repurposed into 20 to 25 additional pieces across multiple platforms.


The above is an excerpt from a feature article in THRIVE, a free marketing resource for small business owners. To read the rest of this article, as well as gain access to additional articles and future issues, go HERE.


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