Five Ways to Grow Your Business Without Paid Ads

advertising Mar 21, 2022

Paid ads (and money) don’t grow on trees. Take advantage of these five strategies for growing your business organically.

Optimize your website. We live in a digital world so that means you need to make sure your website has a defined mission AND is optimized to achieve it. In addition to being accessible and easy-to-navigate, your website also needs to be mobile responsive, has the right tools and resources available and content for getting picked up by search engines.

Social media strategies. Social media can be a great way to grow a business OR it can be a waste of time and energy. It is essential you develop a strategy that makes sense for your audience and your objectives. It’s not enough to just post things randomly.

Host an event. Hosting events is an effective way to increase brand awareness. If you have the right space, you could offer it for chamber networking events, or you could develop a workshop and invite your target audience to attend.

Networking. Some people avoid networking because it’s out of their comfort zone, or because they just don’t feel they have the time. Both are true if you don’t have a good networking strategy in place. Check out the podcast episode posted on June 22, 2021, on Time to Thrive – Marketing Strategies for Small Business titled “Getting Results with Intentional Networking Strategies.”

Word-of-mouth. Create a referral program that incentivizes your customers to bring new customers to you. Put a process in place to capture testimonials at key moments in your customer’s experience with you and use those statements on your website, social media, email campaigns and advertising.

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